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Navigational architecture is key to your SEO strategy. Combined elements such as colors, font choices, calls-to-action, layout, graphics, images and content are ways to boost conversions. Effective and compelling web design combines these web elements to culminate in a way that leads visitors towards your website’s conversion goals.

Web design strategies play a critical role in the ability of a site to achieve optimal conversions. Our team of experts employ alluring hues, memorable content and fluid arrangement to direct a viewer’s eye to key elements of your site. In addition, we structure content in a way to frame up your site as a subject-matter authority.

Our multi-faceted methodology recognizes the importance of a site’s layout and visual impact in achieving conversion goals. Our web architects have a keen eye for design and recognize that a user-friendly layout has the ability to create a valuable and memorable experience for a visitor.

Web design and brand identity go hand-in-hand. From conceptualization to execution, web design must convey your brand’s authenticity, communication your values, and propel visitors through the intended conversion funnel.

Web design approach

Website design and architecture plays an important role in establishing a company’s first impression and supporting Internet marketing goals. That’s why our design professionals ensure design best practices work hand-in-hand with SEO, social community building and conversion objectives.

Our web design services are executed with a focus on search engine optimization and conversion:

Siloing of content to ensure your site is a subject-matter authority and visitors have all the information they need without having to go to another website.

Utilizing an SEO-friendly content management system to ensure the maximum benefit of organic search engine optimization.

Balancing text, imagery, white space and typography for readability and visual appeal to help ensure a good user experience.

Using color that conveys tone, interest and style, and helps drive visitors down the conversion funnel.
Placing graphics and buttons to support and amplify the site’s message and to also uphold the brand.

Our holistic-minded web design team understands website design as one discipline of the online marketing practice that must work toward your business’s overall goals.

Business-minded website design

We take the time to understand your business inside and out to produce a website that is aligned with your business goals and culture.

We start by asking questions. Is the site used to direct visitors to brick-and-mortar locations? Should sales occur on your site? Is the site intended to drive inquiries or requests for services? Is the site primarily used as an informational hub or to increase online brand visibility? We’ll complete an assessment of sales and technical requirements needed to achieve your business-minded website goals prior to any action taking place.

Your online presence should convey and enhance your brand identity. To achieve the appropriate look and feel, we’ll learn more about your desired reputation in the market place, marketing objectives, target audience, and more.

After understanding your business and its goals, we’ll develop a site architecture that drives ROI and improves your online efforts. With e Seo Branding you can expect a web design strategy that incorporates persuasive copy while meeting SEO objectives, visually inspires with a conversion funnel that directs visitors toward goal-oriented actions, present your organization as a subject matter authority, all while communicating your brand’s unique identity.