SEO Content Management Systems

Search Engine Optimization and Content Management Systems (SEO and CMS)

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a game-changing and cost-effective tool for a business’ marketing strategy online. While a good SEO strategy centers on content as a key element, content management systems (CMS) may not actually be good for your SEO because many are not built with search engine optimization in mind. Here are some CMS features that can actually be harmful to your SEO efforts:

Auto-Generated or Limited URLs

: Search engines prefer URLs that contain plain text and keywords. Many CMS tools contain URLs that deter search engines from indexing dynamic pages on your site by limiting the use of keywords in URLs or by auto-generating special characters (like %=&) in the page URLs, both of which can be red flags for search engine spiders crawling your web page.

Poor SEO design:

Search engines rely on the code behind a page design in order to “read” its content. Common features of CMS code, such as text in images, script-based navigation, or overuse of AJAX or template-specific scripts can muddle the primary message and bog down your site with unnecessary and irrelevant code. A good SEO professional knows exactly how to design pages in a way that search engines understand without all the “junk”.

Bad meta tags:

Search engines use meta tags to determine what the content of a page is about. Many CMS systems don’t permit users to manually input relevant title and description meta tags to content, which are key tools to help search engines read your pages.

What about a CMS with “SEO Friendly Features”?

Some content management systems claim to be SEO-friendly because they offer options for customized and integrated features that can help — or at least do not harm — to a site’s SEO results. What this means, however, is that a professional or programmer who is competent in both the CMS and SEO must evaluate the system and able to modify the CMS so that don’t harm the site’s SEO efforts. Without expertise in both realms, this is not something most web users can do themselves. For that reason, it is important to hire an expert with many years of experience in the field.

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